Do you know how much profit is enough or are you living a slow death?

Like it or not, business owners need to STOP and work on the things that are broken resulting in – insufficient cash flow, revenue and profitability! They don’t know how to self-diagnose faults and bad habits – determine the why and the how – and prioritize the best solutions despite tons of available information. They need feedback – what are the checkpoints – from an objective pair of eyes.

As a business owner, most of your assets are probably tied up in your company. You may be afraid of losing everything and not being able to retire. You could be fighting a lack of talented and skilled employees, inventive product development or operational excellence that is strangling your business and profits. So, you don’t want to fail or maintain the status quo – both are dead ends!

Road to The Profit SystemDistinctive business leaders have mastered the 18 sources of profits, return-on-assets and free cash flow. They have acquired and applied the insight, foresight and practical experience that make up their unique profitability roadmap. It provides the money energy, known as profits, that they need to win in today’s marketplace. After all, profits are the one true measure of success and the lifeblood of a business that is surviving AND thriving


You CAN build a POWERFUL cycle of value creation and profitability that generates over 100% more profits with no capital investment and use that extra cash to get a leg up on rivals because you’ve created:

  • An exceptional strategic management, marketing and sales capability that fulfills those unmet customer needs.
  • Increased manufacturing capacity and scalability with no capital investment, especially in the supply chain.
  • A production system most able to produce the mix, volume of products and outputs required by customers.
  • Innovative product development that is able to attract and retain new customers and enter new markets.
  • Increased profitability and return-on-assets along with free cash flow for growth and leveraging new opportunities.

Remember, your company is the most valuable asset you have and someday you’ll be looking to cash-out. Every incremental improvement made will bring many times more salable value (price) to your company – the really big bucks that allow you to retire!

It’s HARD when you don’t have control!  Looking for profit help!

If you’re like many of my clients, this is WHY it’s so common that you haven’t found that hidden cash and profitability:

  • The unending scramble to “Make the Month” in conjunction with the “Prayer System” – hoping that employee’s do it right and there are no quality crises.
  • Your plant is missing delivery dates and carrying all kinds of excess inventory from uneven flow and defective products piling up. Receivables are going uncollected and cash flow is managed by stretching out payments to vendors. These hidden money resources are just sitting around creating liquidity problems.
  • Employees are not rowing together – too much infighting, silo thinking and “lone-wolf” behaviors. It’s hard to get those “pride building” results to happen that increase morale.
  • Hidden time drains…lost forever with endless and ineffective meetings or worse, no meetings.
  • Not having a strategy process and plan. You don’t have the insight and foresight to navigate profitably into the future given the current risks and situation.


It’s the skills that make the difference between working in the business for lower success versus working on a growing business for massive success. WHY? Because a new set of skills is required for each size business!

  • $5M – $10M – $15M – $20M businesses are all dramatically different, both strategically and operationally. They also attract a different level of competitor and you can really get into trouble here.

Equity Growth Levers in The PROFIT SYSTEMThe bottom line is that you MUST set and raise the bar with new systems and procedures, institutionalized for success. It requires an understanding of the common goals, interdependencies and environment (one-way → environment affects the system not vice versa); companies fail because they don’t adjust to the changing environment, this is critical to ascertain.

So, in order to navigate these rough seas, you are going to need  The PROFIT SYSTEM, a business support program that can educate, diagnose and provide guided practice, so that you can walk the talk, one step at a time. You’ll be able to reduce risk and navigate profitably into a growing future.

I’ve worked with businesses from start-up to Fortune 500 and I know what it takes.

As a result, my clients have realized, time and time again, that these steps produce 100%+ increase in profits, achieve positive cash flow and a higher return-on-assets for sustainable growth. Ultimately, it generates more capacity to pursue new innovative opportunities.

Case Study: Problem – an Electronic Manufacturing Services client was experiencing negative profitability due to extremely high inventory levels, insufficient cash and credit to buy components and as a result, had poor manufacturing throughput. Solutions – we negotiated with suppliers to return unneeded parts, reduced COD deliveries, got required parts released, sold off over $500K in excess inventory for cash and improved manufacturing flow by 25% via better production planning and controls. Benefits – our ultimate outcome was increased cash flow and improved profitability to nearly 5%, an increase of over 500%. Other positive side effects were better market position, reduced working capital, improved credit worthiness of the company and restored customer confidence.

Here’s what to do NOW!

Get some Game-Changing Guidance for 100% More Profits!

Turbo-charge the profitability of your company by boosting effectiveness (do the right things) and efficiency (doing things right) with The PROFIT SYSTEMTM, business support program, because growth is everything – it multiplies the value! We’ll apply high-value focused frameworks and 80/20 diagnostics to create your unique profitability roadmap and boost your top and bottom lines.The PROFIT SYSTEM success!

We’ll get started by immediately finding those BOLTS OF LIGHTENING for more profitable growth! OR get started with a more focused perspective from The PROFIT SYSTEMTM menu above or click on the perspective below. All of these programs have considerable overlap.

Ultimately, we want to refine your leadership capabilities to out-think rivals in terms of strategic marketing and producing profits – the competitive advantages that win in business today. Let’s position your business to come alive with a sense of accomplishment by perfecting YOUR “Salient Seven” most significant success factors for profitable growth:

  1. Skilled, insightful and courageous multi-level leadership and management team;
  2. Having a strong differentiated strategic position and decisive operating plan;
  3. Driven by a robust strategy process based on competitive intelligence and accelerated learning to drive marketing, product development and production systems;
  4. In-sync with highly skilled rainmakers applying a great sales 2.0 process and operating talent right down to the point-of-work;
  5. Boosting asset efficiency and managing the balance sheet to generate 100% more profits, ROA and free cash flow…meeting the needs and concerns of management, investors and lenders;
  6. While focusing on innovation processes to create high quality products and services that customers need with a goal of dominating the market;
  7. Then, ownership will have capitalized on their most valuable asset – the business itself – with the highest sale price for when they are ready to cash-out, the really big bucks that allow them to retire.

These themes are the critical investment areas and the resulting return-on-assets has the potential to far outperform any other type of investment, providing the business owner with the desired level of success in terms of financial wealth and lifestyle objectives. It’s a short life. Imagine the one that lights you up and ask:

What is YOUR true leadership strategy for managing YOUR market and organization for profitable growth?”

Contact John @ 440.759.1915 or accept one of my “4” Game-Changing OFFERS below:


OFFER #1: let’s get to know each other first: start by scheduling this FREE 30 minute EXECUTIVE BRIEFING that will arm you with all you need to know and download some freebies below!

Leverage the profit systemExecutive Briefing on: The five most dangerous trends in manufacturing and what you’d better know in order to survive!

This study, by consulting research firms, was designed to educate you to recent economic, technology and social trends affecting your efforts to grow profitably. In addition, it will quickly and succinctly bring business owners up to speed on the foundational course corrections needed to achieve long-term profitable growth and maximize your most valuable asset – the business itself – with the highest sale price for when you are ready to cash-out, the really big bucks that allow you to retire.


OFFER #2: Private Discovery Consultation.  

A quickFind your profitablity roadmap with The Profit System! 30 minute $97 over the phone or Skype conversation about your current situation. We can exchange information and discuss your needs. What are you thinking? What are you missing?

  • I’ll need 10 minutes of prep time to review any materials sent in advance.
  • We can discuss things like:
    • Leadership as a competitive advantage vs. lack of leadership
    • Increased market share and strategic market positioning vs. fruitless marketing and underperforming sales
    • Producing 100% more profits vs. missing, ineffective and inefficient processes
    • Improved organizational capabilities vs. zero sum games
    • Cashing out with a great exit strategy vs. wondering, “How do I get out of this situation?”
    • Any other general business questions from a friendly adviser
  • In addition, I’ll provide you with the “WHYs” of what a Profitability Adviser can do for YOU!
  • If I don’t provide more than 10X the value, there is no charge!

John’s consults are scheduled on Mondays and Fridays.  Please allow up to two weeks for your appointment. RESERVE your 30 minute private discovery consultation time now!




Ascertain your assets and liabilities using The Profit System.“Reality Check” assessment to find the barriers, GAPS and under-utilized capabilities in your business! What is and is not contributing to profit. We’ll identify those rapid impact and high profit strategies!

  • The PROFIT ACCELERATOR takes up to 40 hours and includes a complete Organization Needs Analysis and Report; written and oral formal recommendations.
  • Schedule a PROFIT ACCELERATOR strategy session and get started.
  • The FEE is $1000. Fee may increase for businesses with more than 100 employees.


OFFER #4: Here’s the deal. Request your FREE PROFIT POTENTIAL Strategy Session.

Strategize for more profits!My advisory approach is valid for all strategic and business challenges – from simple to complex – and from serious problems to real pain; clients who engage withThe PROFIT SYSTEMhave more foresight and insight into the art and practices of leadership, strategic market positioning and producing profits. They are able to run their company more effectively and efficiently by exploiting the dynamics of their strategic plan.

  • in any market condition – there is no such thing as a good versus bad economy…just a changing one…grasp opportunity!
  • in any context – turnaround, reengineer, new venture, growth, maturity, exit, change.
  • in any sector – industrial, high tech, professional services, healthcare, transportation, public services and other non-profit entities.
  • with specific implications for every organization – leadership, marketing and sales, operations, product development, organizational development, accounting and finance …
  • as well as for the overall strategic management of the business:
    • Who – a collaborative effort
    • What – any challenge that you face
    • How – The PROFIT SYSTEM – building profitable relationships
    • When – NOW
    • Where – your place of business

In this strategy session, we’ll exchange information. What are you thinking? What are you missing? We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your issues and objectives to see if we are a good match.

  • After our strategy session, I’ll provide General Recommendations (GR) and investment options as to how The Profitability Catalyst can help you solve your issues via my high-value frameworks and expertise.

After the GR is agreed to and accepted, we will engage for a minimum of three months (unless more time is agreed upon) where I will advise, educate and provide guided practice so you can walk the talk, one step at a time.

  • The key is to build personal trust as we co-create your unique profitability roadmap together. We want to reach goals and timeframes with everything working to our specifications.
  • If you follow our agreed to recommendations, then your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


The PROFIT SYSTEM will help reduce your anxieties by solving your short-term pains and eliminating your long-term fears with strategies for profitable growth…look to future opportunity not just today’s pain.

  • Solving “pain points” drives sales and demand solutions.
  • Solving “fears” drives trust and requires advice.

Your “investment” goal should be to add strategic value for generating better results. I’m here to help make YOUR business come alive with a sense of accomplishment!


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