Game-Changing Guidance for Value, Profit and People!

Why choose The Profitability Catalyst? It’s simple, I do it better, by creating and facilitating PROFITABLE GROWTH with my services, programs and systems. I‘m always one step ahead…CHECKMATE!

Create your own profitability roadmap with The PROFIT SYSTEM, a business support program that applies 18 sources of profitability to increase profits, return-on-assets and free cash flow. I help leadership identify and select simple to multi-faceted profitability strategies to improve the top and bottom lines; the right ones to work on for greatest impact and in the right sequence for profitable growth. Or get started with a more specific issue from The PROFIT SYSTEM below:

PROFIT ACCELERATOR – an immediate reality check assessment helps you identify needs and valued capabilities for profitable growth with an immediate in-depth look at organizational functions and interactions. Our benchmark scoring system establishes how each functional area affects the organization’s cash flow, profits and ability to grow; and as the benchmark score improves so does the company!

PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! – a foundational program to make leaders more successful, at any level, capable of running a highly efficient and profitable company. It reveals the critical “people” strategies for hiring, training, managing and motivating…how to increase collaboration and have people WANT to follow your lead! This program contains over 100 years of knowledge and experience to help leaders learn how to decide and deliver to plan.

POSITION FOR PROFIT – your growth starts with a strategic plan and a strategic plan needs the foresight of a strategic marketing process to discover its most valuable choices, make decisions and position the company to reach its objectives: what-to-provide, where-to-play and how-to-win (very rare activities). Is there a dominant strategy to create more customers relative to the market and rivals? The purpose is to build those clear connections between market positions, resources and profit growth that management and investors focus on as you navigate into the future.

POSITION FOR TRANSITION – get ready for a rich retirement with a defined exit strategy. Your company is the most valuable asset you have and someday you’ll be looking to cash-out. Every incremental improvement made for growth and transition will bring more value and a higher sales price for your company – the big bucks that allow you to retire!

PROFITABLE PROJECTS – project oriented, more specific value drivers and ideas that help create (dynamic approach), increase, reduce or improve (limited approach) your profitability and wealth.

It’s HARD…because companies don’t know their profit formula, How-to-Win; they haven’t assessed the business, positioned the company and leadership for success or don’t have a viable exit plan in mind.

What’s Next?

Game-Changing-ProgramsTo achieve Profitable Growth, you must somehow break through the status quo – it’s a dead end. Create new actions and behaviors by beginning immediately. Our strong recommendation is simply this: learn How-to-Win by engaging with my PROFITABILITY ROADMAP. Discover the steps that can boost:

  • Profitability by 100% via the 18 sources; internal profits must be greater than these 8 cash outflow areas.
  • Return-on-assets to optimize the production system that drives the balance sheet and stockholder equity.
  • Free cash flow to meet the needs and concerns of management, investors and lenders.
  • Innovation via a dynamic strategic marketing process that drives product and process development.
  • The realization of your exit plan and hitting your wealth retirement target!

You wouldn’t climb a difficult and demanding mountain without a Sherpa, why would you run your business over the course of many years without professional guidance?

Call me today at (440) 759-1915 to schedule your confidential FREE PROFIT POTENTIAL Strategy Session or opt-in above and download my in-depth article, “The Six Mistakes Manufacturers Make That Damage Profitability!“. I will contact you within 24 hours.

My Power Guarantee: I can only work with a limited number of clients because of the personal attention that it requires, but If you follow our agreed to recommendations, then I guarantee we will reach your goals and time frames or else I’ll continue working for free until we do. Get started now with a trial offer of $997 for a one-month advisory contract.

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