Do you have critical projects that you need to get done? Do you need to rescue failing or runaway projects?

Project management is designed to make better use of existing resources by getting work to flow horizontally as well as vertically within the company. Project management is required when: project management adding more pieces to the pie!

  • Projects are complex, but with relatively shorter term objectives
  • When there are dynamic environment considerations
  • When constraints are tight
  • When several activities need to be integrated
  • When several functional boundaries need to be crossed

So, if you have a more targeted issue that requires resolution, let’s talk. You can use the table below to identify the specific project or value driver that can help create (dynamic approach), increase, reduce or improve (limited approach) your profitability, corporate equity and wealth.

Honest wealth creation serves the needs of the stakeholders (owners, customers, end-users, employees, etc.). To make something of value and sell it is creation, something new, and I am always looking for new ways to create value…see if there are other needs not being met. However, we must remember that long-term wealth creation comes first (economic profit or economic value added) and then there is something to pay the business owner or employee. They encompass the tangible and intangible capabilities that a firm may want to create, improve or build upon.

Project management Pot of GoldI want to build the value account with each client by meeting and exceeding the client’s needs and their customer demands. In other words, build the Total Value of Engagement (high ROI) by adding the cumulative benefits in dollars ($) gained from each initiative.

Successful project management can be defined as having achieved the project objectives:

  • Within time
  • within costs
  • at the desired performance/technology level
  • while utilizing the assigned resources effectively and efficiently
  • accepted by the customer

It’s time to get those critical projects completed! 




   Help Create

– Cash generation – Costs, working capital – Productivity, 5S – Corp. DNA
– Revenue growth – Risk, constraints – Automation – Differentiation
– Profit margin (M) – Time, effort – Leadership – Positioning
– ROA,Velocity (V) – Complaints, conflict – Culture – Strategy
– ROIC = M x V – Age of receivables – Communication – Exit strategy
– Equity – Cycle times – Supply chain – Succession
– Salable value – Cost of poor quality – Segmentation – Marketing system
– Inventory turns   – Pricing – Core story
– Org.development   – Brand, loyalty – CRM
– Training   – IT, ERP – Product range
– Maintenance   – Capabilities – ISO9000
– Resources   – Product/service – Lean mfg./6 Sig
      -Value stream mapping

Consulting is fundamentally an educational (learned something new…how to get out of a bad situation…creating a better situation), advisory, coaching and capacity building function (when commitment and accountability are chosen to create change in the line organization).

We are successful when clients feel more accountable for their own system, more able to learn by themselves in the future, more confident, efficient and powerful in creating an organization they believe in. This is a powerful RESULT!

Contact John @ 440.759.1915 or schedule a PROFITABLE PROJECT strategy session below!


  1. Profitable Perspectives on Marketing and Sales Training
  2. Profitable Perspective – Profit Orientation is the Key to Success
  3. Profitable Perspectives on ‘WHY‘ Do You Need a Profitability Adviser

factors impacting market position

Here’s the deal. You are contacting me to schedule a FREE PROFITABLE PROJECT strategy session because you have a clear and urgent need/want (see project list above or whatever you have in mind!) and feel that my expertise, programs and services can resolve your challenges. 

 In this strategy session, we’ll exchange information. What are you thinking? What are you missing? We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your issues and objectives to see if we are a good match.

  • After our strategy session, I’ll provide General Recommendations (GR) and investment options as to how The Profitability Catalyst can help you solve your issues via my high-value focused frameworks and expertise.
  • After, the GR is agreed to and accepted we will engage for a determined time frame where I will advise, educate and provide guided practice so you can walk-the-talk, one step at a time.
  • The key is to build personal trust as we co-create solutions to your project needs. 

If you follow our agreed to recommendations, then your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We want to reach goals and timeframes with everything working to our specifications.


Clients who engage with The PROFIT SYSTEM, business support program have more foresight and insight into the art and practices of leadership, strategic market positioning and producing profits. They are able to run their company more effectively and efficiently by exploiting the dynamics of their strategic plan. Make YOUR business come alive with a sense of accomplishment!

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