Developing Great Leaders is a Strategic Choice!

How far are you willing to go to become a great leader?

Many companies become distressed and stop growing. Is it a sales, product or cash flow issue? NO, the underlying issue is more basic. What is needed are more insightful and courageous leadership solutions for running a dynamic and profitable enterprise and without a vision, the company will perish! There is nothing harder than running your own business and better leadership requires superior capabilities for deciding “Where-to-Play” and “How-to-Win.”

Profitable leadership now!There are two primary situations where a company can stagnate. The company is not running efficiently or doesn’t have a winning market position (being unique) to navigate with, maybe both. And it may be keeping out outside ideas!

These conditions are critical to understand, but have similar root causes: 80% of organizational problems are due to ineffective leadership skills. Further, a full 90% of executives are “tactical” executives; while 9% are strategic executives. Only 1% has the rare combination of both tactical and strategic leadership abilities.

As a business owner or executive, do you know what your people and company expect from you?

Distinctive business leaders look for help because they want growth, which often involves finding and fixing problems. They want…

  • Their salespeople to sell more or find out why former customers are no longer active or contributing to revenue.
  • Their manufacturing to operate with higher throughput or determine why new capacity is slow in generating output — more revenue and profit.
  • Their engineers to innovate faster and with greater ingenuity or determine why new products are late or under-contributing to intended results.
  • Perhaps certain functions are over-staffed or not needed and have become unproductive.
  • Is cash being fully productive and are assets (receivables, inventory) and liabilities (payables) being properly managed to optimize the balance sheet.

And YES, we want to solve all of these problems. YET these are not the real problems!

They are the symptoms of wider underlying structural problems, indications that people and the organization are stuck in their old way of thinking, processes and culture – they fight, flight, or freeze. And leaders often put their teams exactly there, however unintentional because they lack the skills to do otherwise.

As companies grow, they come to certain places where the things that used to work, the things that created the current level of success, don’t work anymore. Self-doubt creeps in. We call these tipping points. And these crucial points are tied to revenue and profitability.

Here’s the dilemma with tipping points: at each one you need a “different” company.

And at each tipping point, a company must reinvent itself by innovating…leadership skills are needed that can build a new market position and operate differently to move through it and make a new future. If it doesn’t, it will become stuck and ultimately decline, rather than grow.

The company life cycle, averaging 25 years in the past, but now getting much shorter and more fragmented, can be visually represented by a single or repeating “S” curve, with each revenue milestone ($5M, $10M, $20M, etc.) requiring its own strategies, resources and capabilities.  Therefore, we need to answer the following questions:

S Curves

  • What does the industry’s position in the business life cycle reveal about the industry’s and business growth and exit prospects? [Historically, there is fragmentation at the beginning of the curve and is replaced by concentration and scale as the category matures – this may be changing!]
  • How does the company re-position itself and navigate between tipping points to re-ignite growth once maturity is reached?
  • How do you generate momentum and avoid organizational stuck spots—those market positions between tipping points where the company stops growing or is no longer running efficiently and churns at the same level of revenue before sliding abruptly backwards?

To ascend past the tipping points…businesses need a Profitable Leadership “Competitive Advantage.”

It requires new leadership skills that include the insight and foresight to clarify strategy, map out a new market position and run the business more efficiently with great intentionality. By overcoming limiting mindsets, biases, processes and organizational issues they can advance a new vision, get past the tipping point and reathinking leadershipch the next level of revenue growth. Some 1st Principles:

  • There must be a partnership between management and members of the organization – personal and social leadership capabilities that improve time management, behaviors and organizational response.
  • A focus on leadership development – skills – information, decision-making, structuring the work and motivation; the skills to strategically manage the workforce – those who work together should train together.
  • Identify, analyze and integrate organizational needs between levels, functions and within a single function along with mutual agreement as to the best methods to achieve goals.Establishment of a job instructional/reporting system, the capability to do the work – the “know-how” and a personal informational/listening system to focus on attitude – the “want to”.
  • There must be a strategy process for doing the work of market positioning, business model development (how it generates money) and resource management.

A profitable leadership team, one that has the skills, can cultivate more and different choices, make the necessary decisions to re-position the business for profitable growth and run more efficiently into the future.

Either you churn around the stuck spot, barely maintaining the same revenue year after year, slide back down to the previous tipping point, or you move forward with tremendous intentions. The world is full of “living dead” companies that reached a tipping point and couldn’t get beyond it. LET’S MOVE FORWARD!

All economic results are a function of human behavior! To maximize results, the organization needs an equal emphasis on the “know-how” and the “want-to.”

Get Started NOW…plan for success with my PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! program.

Vineyard owner stood in field with glass of wineIt’s a six week series of workshops that provides executives and managers with the why, what and how of becoming more capable and strategic personal and organizational leaders at any level. This is even more important with fewer and more “technical” middle managers. It reveals the critical “people” strategies for hiring, managing, and motivating them…how to increase collaboration and WANT to follow your lead for more meaningful productivity! They can quickly gain 100+ years of leadership experience to skillfully run the company more efficiently, create new market positions and navigate profitably into the future…delivering to plan.

This program was developed and refined by an extraordinary group of authors and executives led by George M. Hill, Businessman and Industrial Psychologist, over several decades. More than 130 companies, over a 15+ year period, have used all or parts of this program. To see if PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! is right for your company…

Contact John today @ (440) 759-1915 or schedule a FREE confidential PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! strategy session below to discuss your situation and needs.


  1. Profitable Perspectives on the Traits of Leadership
  2. Profitable Perspective – Are Leaders Born or Made

  1. Take the leadership assessment: in terms of the eight core areas of being a leader…where do you stand on a scale of 1 – 10?
  2. Foundation series – 18 hrs. total, $3,300; program description:  
    1. Session 1 – Communication: balls are being dropped, sales are lost and colleagues are frustrated with one another – ineffective communication is a root cause of poor leadership; 2 hrs.
    2. Session 2 – Individual Differences – 2 hrs.
    3. Session 3 – Motivation and Recognition and Rewards (2 modules) – 2 hrs.
    4. Session 4 – PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! model – 6 hrs.
      1. Download: Profitable Leadership NOW! Flyer
    5. Session 5 – Goals and objectives – 4 hrs.
    6. Session 6 – Needs, value, goals assessments and strategic integration – 2 hrs.
      1. Optional: PROFIT ACCELERATOR – Organizational Needs and Value Assessment – a “Reality Check” – 40 hrs. (dependent on size of the company)
      2. Fee is $1500
  3. Bonus sessions:
    1. The nature of organizations – 2 hrs.
    2. Troubleshooting organizations – 2 hrs.
    3. Training and hiring – 1 hr.



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