Do you know HOW to reach the full profit potential of your business?

Or do you prefer the status quo – a dead end?

It takes guts to do a thorough “Reality Check” and expose what is needed for profitable growth!

know your profit potentialMany companies are experiencing negative cash flow, profits and have self-doubts – because they haven’t identified their needs (reality gap), barriers, captured their most value-added activities and devised ways to make management effectiveness, functions and market positioning better. And if needs, barriers and value are not reconciled and go unfulfilled, leaders are shooting from the hip when it comes to future direction and results.

NOW IMAGINE innovatively integrating those responses…

Having those troubled areas professionally and expertly assessed and benchmarked to focus on the right things, the best capability, profitability and growth initiatives. And then, as your benchmark score improves, profitability or return-on-sales actually goes up! Success looks like…


More effectively meeting end-user customer requirements, increased sales, better differentiation, competitive advantage and higher relative quality…a leadership position.

  •  Higher prices because you can price on value, not commoditization.
  • Higher productivity, an optimized production system – especially at the point-of-work; best of the best practices. Cash flow is positive.
  • Lower costs because you have plugged the leaks and improved the supply chain so profits can accumulate.
  • The needs of the organization are integrated, at all levels, so that organizational goals are fulfilled.

WHY this hasn’t been done before…

  • There is a company to run and it’s being driven by events, too many customer and quality crises.
  • Leaders have not considered an objective outside frame-of-reference that could help their cause.
  • No strategic management and marketing process to identify, decide, plan and execute the important initiatives; don’t know how to ready the business for exit or transition.
  • Leaders think that operational execution, financial statements and profits are as good as they can get.
  • Not enough time…too many hidden time drains.

HOW a reality check can advance a Business…Plan your product and processes by aiming for both high quality and high value to set your goods and services apart from your competition in the marketplace

Benchmark assessments are applied by correlating a score to performance (profits). Then, leaders can clearly see how changes will affect profit and ultimately, equity value and which priorities can create the greatest gain in the least time in any context: turnaround, growth or exit.


A reality check assessment identifies needs, barriers, captures what’s most valuable and innovatively combines responses to close the gaps and build differentiated advantage to accelerate growth. You will feel more in touch with your profit potential, add credibility and control of your strategic direction and operation.

  • You’ll know the static and dynamic issues, facts and trends via appropriate interviews and analysis; holes could be plugged in identified areas of need, i.e.: inventory, cash flow, cost and pricing structures that prevent cash from accumulating.
  • The marketing and sales assessment would indicate that brand, product development, product mix, future viability of product(s), and customer experience are on the right track.
  • Operational assessment would indicate excellent value streams, supply chain function and quality performance along with happy employees. Issues are minimal.
  • The company is attracting and retaining the right people, developing leaders via proper management and employee assessments. (We use Profiles International for Strategic Work Force Management).

Assess and benchmark your company’s status and capabilities…then innovatively combine the responses to differentiate and add the most value to you and your customers.

What’s next? Get started with a PROFIT ACCELERATOR!

Sprinter leaving starting blocks on the running track. ExplosiveComplete a reality check assessment on your business and innovate for profitable growth; find the barriers, GAPS and under-utilized capabilities in your business! What is and is not contributing to profit. We’ll identify those rapid impact – high profit strategies! The Profitability Catalyst specializes in critical people, functional, financial and market performance assessments that can boost the economic value of the company. First, we always want to know the WHY and GOALS…Think Forward and Reason Back as to how the company needs to move ahead versus how it currently runs to make solid recommendations. The investment will return:

  • In-depth findings, recommendations and strategies submitted in a formal written and oral format that will specifically outline ways to capitalize on the company’s strengths and correct weaknesses – increase differentiation and value.
  • A rough implementation time table with recommendations for outside assistance, if warranted, as well as a detailed summary of the benefits to be realized after corrections are made. A quick example is that we may suggest that the client install better accounting software, train personnel and teach owners to watch the numbers like a hawk.
  • Schedule a PROFIT ACCELERATOR strategy session and kick-off meeting. The FEE is $1500. Fee may increase for businesses with more than 100 employees.



  1. Profitable Perspectives on Having an Organization Needs Assessment

This reality check is provided as a service to owners over a period of up to forty hours. They are in-depth and confidential to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses. They can touch every area of the company and establish how each functional area affects the company’s profits, cash flow and ability to grow.

Contact John today @ 440-759-1915 or schedule a PROFIT ACCELERATOR  above!


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