All your assets and wealth are tied up in your small manufacturing business. Are you in a position of strength to exit and retire? Are you POSITIONED FOR TRANSITION?

You CAN become financially secure with a defined exit strategy to increase the value and salable price of your business!

Define your exit strategyMany owners have not put much thought into creating an exit strategy from their business. They know that the company is their most valuable asset, but don’t know how to cash-out. They need to realize that every risk reduced and every incremental improvement made will bring more value and a higher sale price for their company – the really big bucks that allow them to retire!

Businesses that are ready for transition have alleviated the risks, know the rewards and have translated their business improvements into a higher selling price. They have examined the probability of sale and the cash outcome to the seller based on various strategic choices.

  • Performed a comprehensive review of the business – SWOT
  • Know the market for sale
  • Understand the different potential buyer types
  • Completed a risk analysis
  • Optimized business performance, growth strategies, salability and financing options

It’s hard because many owners didn’t start their business with the end in mind!

They haven’t targeted any particular revenue and profitability numbers to maximize value or perhaps don’t know how to optimize financing capability. They need more control! Additionally:dangers of not having an exit strategy

  • Many owners are event driven (positioning and strategy are NOT events)…day-to-day activities are stealing thinking time and energy preventing them from reaching financial goals.
  • They haven’t created an exit profitability, growth and transition roadmap.
  • Reduced the risks such as “only the owner can run the business” and strategically managed their leadership, management and employees for efficient operation.
  • Don’t know the likelihood that current sales trends will continue or the growth possibilities
  • How difficult it will be for a new owner to transition due to many variables such as lack of systems, being in a mature industry, large customer concentration or even legal issues.

POSITION FOR TRANSITION means that the owner must learn why it is important to plan and act for the transition of their business now – not when there is a pressing need to get out. Whether they plan to sell or transfer ownership to a family member, trusted colleague or outside buyer, taking time to define, prepare and position the company for transition will result in a higher valuation and the ability to command a higher selling price. Owners need assistance with this focusing process:

  • Taking the Temperature of the Company – What’s right? What’s wrong? How is the company’s value being affected? How to begin growing again, if needed?
  • Determining their Ownership Goals – Are they realistic – obtainable?
  • Value is Relative – Value to whom? Different buyer-types have different needs. Who will see the greatest value?
  • Setting a New Direction – Life cycles, strategies, securing your competitive advantage, managing to the right buyer (positioning), and building sustaining value.
  • The Transition Plan in Focus – Successful transition planning is a one to two-year process.
  • Executing the Successful Transition Strategy – Understanding why properly positioned companies command maximum prices and insure greater stability for the future.

The evaluation of a business is an art as well as a science. There are so many variables (cause) that affect value and salability. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience in these matters.

Start NOW…with my POSITION FOR TRANSITION program and define your exit strategy.

VaultIt provides focused leadership, operational and financing solutions that owners need to increase business value and achieve the maximum sale price. With a defined exit roadmap and time-phased action plan the owner will have determined “Where-to-Play” and “How-to-Win” as they transition away from their most precious asset and reap the rewards of many years of service. Our program consists of:

  • Business evaluation and valuation – establish base value and context with our Business Evaluation and Salability Tool (BEST). We evaluate income, asset or cost and market approaches as well as the adjusted cash flow, rules of thumb and market comparables techniques.
  • Create the transition roadmap with time-phased actions by applying SWOT, market positioning tools and the 10 drivers of corporate value and success to build market positioning value and equity. These are the key success factors that separate the best from the average…and increasing the ability to generate cash flow for the owner’s benefit is the most important!
  • Verify with a periodic health checkup to ensure that value is increasing to plan – increased positioning value transferable to a strategic buyer commands an acquisition premium.

The Profitability Catalyst is affiliated with Merger and Acquisition firms and experts in the financing arena with many years of combined experience. Besides performing evaluations and positioning for transition, I can refer the marketing and financing of the sale of my client companies. This gives me a distinct advantage over my competitors and usually results in better prices, less risk and more cash to my clients at closing.

Contact John today @ 440.759.1915 or schedule your FREE confidential POSITION FOR TRANSITION strategy session below!


  1. Profitable Perspectives on Exit Strategy – Are You Positioned for Transition

Here’s the deal. You are contacting me to schedule a FREE POSITION FOR TRANSITION Strategy Session because you have a clear and urgent need/want (i.e. how Vineyard owner stood in field with glass of winedo I get out of this situation?) and feel that my expertise, programs and services can resolve your challenges. 

In this strategy session, we’ll exchange information. What are you thinking? What are you missing? We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your issues and objectives to see if we are a good match.

  • After our strategy session, I’ll provide General Recommendations (GR) and investment options as to how The Profitability Catalyst can help you solve your issues via my high-value focused frameworks and expertise.
  • After, the GR is agreed to and accepted we will engage for a minimum of three months (unless more time is agreed upon) where I will advise, educate and provide guided practice so you can walk-the-talk, one step at a time.
  • The key is to build personal trust as we co-create your defined exit strategy and execute it so you can cash-out…transitioning into something new or for a great retirement!

If you follow our agreed to recommendations, then your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We want to reach goals and timeframes with everything working to our specifications.


Clients who engage with The PROFIT SYSTEM, business support program have more foresight and insight into the art and practices of leadership, strategic market positioning and producing profits. They are able to run their company more effectively and efficiently by exploiting the dynamics of their strategic plan. Make YOUR business come alive with a sense of accomplishment!

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