Are you in a do or die struggle for Profitable Growth?

Is your strategy differentiated enough to avoid the quicksand? Have you lost your ability to compete?

strategic positioning for profitable growthLearn “Where-to-Play and How-to-Win”! Your growth starts with a decisive strategic plan that has the POWER to INFLUENCE your marketplace. Every business needs to develop the foresight that can create more customers, operate more efficiently and increase profits by 100%. And with a robust strategic marketing process you can differentiate, select and amplify your best choices to more fully penetrate your market…build those clear connections between the positions you take and the growth in profits and cash flow that management and investors focus on.

Strategic failure can happen across any of the three elements of strategic management: inappropriate objectives, irrational strategic positioning or ineffective steering of strategy over time, whether continuous or through acquisition.

These strategic blunders and top-level decisions are the primary culprit a remarkable 81 percent of the time in destroying business value. Many business leaders can’t answer with certainty the three most basic questions:

  • Why is our business performance following its current path?
  • Where are current policies, decisions and strategy leading us?
  • How can future revenue, profits and productivity prospects be improved?

WHY? Because a strategic commitment is a huge expenditure of time, energy and money – a foundational issue that is supposed to change the trajectory of your business in a massive way. If it fails, you could be dead!

NOW IMAGINE your company is growing profitably into the future…it has:

  • Developed a set of ideas (differentiate) that were quickly and decisively acted upon with entrepreneurial insight and intensity (active risk taking).
  • Created superior choices to position the company and reach its objectives: what to provide, where to play and how to win, relative to the market and rivals (these are very rare activities).
  • Made the strategic commitments ($, time, energy) for positioning, acquisition, new market entry, and building the resources, capabilities and systems that form the core of the company.
  • Completed the strategy work for successfully navigating and amplifying its position: adjusting and operating more efficiently over-time

Winning is HARD if you don’t have the foresight from a strategic marketing process…Business man and mountain

  • You may be event driven (market positioning and strategy are not events)…day-to-day activities are stealing thinking time and energy, preventing it from successfully reaching financial goals.
  • The VISION is not intrinsic to the organization or there is no vision…it’s too FLUFFY!
  • You haven’t chosen the right objectives / 1st principles…not meeting the “real” challenge…perhaps the market has changed or rivals are driving you out of existence.
  • You don’t have a strategy process that is relevant to the market – typical of template style planning…filling in the blanks with no real meaning or differentiation.
  • There are insufficient choices, decision-making and commitment to the important initiatives as well as mistaking tactics for strategy.
  • Strategies are failing because they aren’t executed well…60% of organizations rate their companies weak at execution (action phase): their technology is not working to promise and the management team is not executing to plan.

strategic white_rook Catalyze for Profitable Growth by using insight and foresight to develop a market position that provides a differentiated advantage that can flow down through the business.

With an understandable strategic marketing process a business can deliberately formulate a great strategy and market position by performing these must have activities correctly:

  • It must position itself by choosing its key objectives including the business model as to how it will create economic value and generate money via a differentiated, low-cost or other combinatorial advantage.
  • Position the organization relative to others in its market as the superior choice to meet customer needs and demands.
  • Generating the best choices and making those high ROI decisions relative to the needed investments in time, energy and money.
  • Position and steer the organization over-time through policies, decisions and operating plans that affect resource flows and performance at the point-of-work for profit and growth.
  • Position management and members of the organization as a partnership – personal and social leadership capabilities that improve behaviors and organizational response and agility to its dynamic internal and external environment.

“I work with motivated leaders discouraged with their lack of foresight, profitability and need a strategy process to establish a market position and navigate profitably into the future.”

Get Started NOW…with our proprietary POSITION FOR PROFIT program. It provides game-changing guidance for 100% more profit by developing insight and foresight Strategic Circleto make better choices; the art and science of strategy-making that helps leaders position and run a more efficient company. Having a strategic marketing process matters more than just analysis by a factor of six and can increase ROI by up to 6.9% McKinsey. It positions your business to come alive with a sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, better decisions result in more sustainable market positions with higher economic value. We want to answer:

  • “What is your true leadership strategy for managing the market and organization for profitable growth?
    • Determining “What-to-provide, Where-to-Play and How-to-Win to gain more customers!”
  • What strategic thinking, creating economic value and market positioning are really all about?
  • Learn how to test your strategy and assess its’ strength, evaluate your industry-market structure and your strategic capabilities.
  • How to influence extraordinary change down to the point-of-work with time-phased actions.

Our dual objectives are activating long-term growth and achieving over 100% increase in short-term profits.

So, if you’re ready to attack foresight, profitability and growth challenges contact John today @ 440.759.1915 or schedule a FREE POSITION FOR PROFIT strategy session below!

“Successful companies in the months and years ahead will be those that can out-think, out-market, and out-innovate their competitors with fewer resources and increased productivity.” Sharpe & vander Heijden


  1. Profitable Perspectives on Breaking Through Business Boundaries
  2. The Two Most Important Elements of Profitable Growth – #1 Strategy
  3. Position for Profit – How Strategy is Made

Here’s the deal. You are contacting me to schedule a FREE POSITION FOR PROFIT Strategy Session because you have a clear and urgent need/want (i.e. your back a3may be up against the wall with a looming tipping point in your business) and feel that my expertise, programs and services can resolve your challenges. 

 In this strategy session, we’ll exchange information. What are you thinking? What are you missing? We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your issues and objectives to see if we are a good match.

  • After our strategy session, I’ll provide General Recommendations (GR) and investment options as to how The Profitability Catalyst can help you solve your issues via my high-value focused frameworks and expertise.
  • After, the GR is agreed to and accepted we will engage for a minimum of three months (unless more time is agreed upon) where I will advise, educate and provide guided practice so you can walk-the-talk, one step at a time.
  • The key is to build personal trust as we co-create your unique strategic operating process, plan and execute it for profitable growth. 

If you follow our agreed to recommendations, then your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We want to reach goals and timeframes with everything working to our specifications.


Clients who engage with The PROFIT SYSTEM, business support program have more foresight and insight into the art and practices of leadership, strategic market positioning and producing profits. They are able to run their company more effectively and efficiently by exploiting the dynamics of their strategic plan. Make YOUR business come alive with a sense of accomplishment!

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