Is This You?

Are you a low- or unprofitable main street manufacturing company who is tired of the status-quo?

Are you one of those who do not want to continue with the struggle of operating an un-profitable, low performing manufacturing business from the perspectives of leadership skills, strategic market positioning or the actual ability to produce profits? Are you willing to be challenged and change for more profitable results for all participants…ultimately to experience success, however it is defined by the owner? If you have reached your ignition point, then I can help you get into the top 20% of Industrial manufacturingyour industry group – the successful high-achievers – look at it from the profitability perspectives below and let me know if I can be of service!

pdf WHY Do You Need A Profitability Adviser?


Why choose The Profitability Catalyst? It’s simple, I do it better, by facilitating and co-creating your PROFITABLE GROWTH with The PROFIT SYSTEM. I‘m always one step ahead…CHECKMATE!

From a Profitability perspective: Learn more

  • Do you know the 18 sources of profitability and how to make them work smarter for you?
  • Do you know what the needs, barriers, gaps and most value-added activities are to increase return-on-sales?
  • Do you know which areas and assets are contributing to profit and which are not?
  • Do you understand all aspects and benefits of the experience curve? Do you know your limits to growth?
  • Do you have a true leadership strategy for managing the market and organization for profitable growth?

From a Leadership skills perspective: Learn more

  • How do you develop a true leadership strategy?
  • How do you develop more effective leaders? What are the objectives?
  • How do you lead and manage to achieve results, increased revenue, profitability, ROA and free cash flow?
  • How do you jump over to the next “S” curve…get past the next tipping point?
  • How do you improve organizational responsiveness? How do we improve relational skills?
  • How do you keep abreast of technology?
  • How do you transform from a reactive management into a proactive management team?

From a Strategic Market Positioning perspective, owners and senior executives clearly have the central role in improving their situation. Unless you can answer YES to all of these questions, it would greatly benefit you to get a firm and professional grasp of strategy. Learn more

  • Do you really understand your organization’s strategy and how it is evolving as market and competitive conditions develop?
  • Do you really have a rigorous quantitative understanding of how changes in the main parts of your business interact to drive your performance and earnings potential?
  • Do you really understand the nature and scale of change in your markets and channels…market potential…growth rates?
  • Do you have any real idea what your competitors are up to, what impact their actions will have on your performance over time, and precisely what you should be doing about it?
  • Is your understanding of these issues based on solid facts and constantly updated with new information, not just the lagging indicators of financials?

From a Producing Profits perspective: Learn Moremanufacturing steel 

  • Reduced customer satisfaction index.
  • Reduced sales or loss of market share.
  • Declining profit margins.
  • Long-term negative cash flow and the sale of profitable assets.
  • Increased liabilities compared to assets.
  • Discounts or incentives must be used to maintain customers.
  • Market share can only be maintained at a loss (often the investment is so high and costs to quit the business are so high that it’s tough to quit).

From an Exit Strategy perspective: Learn more

  • Do you have a defined exit strategy and over what period of time? Do you know when you plan to get out?
  • Can the business operate without you at the helm?
  • Have you cleaned up the balance sheet and the income statement to show as much profit and growth as possible?
  • Have you ascertained who might buy the business and what type of buyer that might be?
  • Do you know how much income you will need?

I attract leaders buried in the totally reactive, firefighting mode — the Hot, Red Hot and Do-it-NOW crisis mentality. The “who shouts loudest” approach that dynamicallyPower and business relationships changes what gets attention first. They want to move past the pressing problems and deadline-driven projects of a cash strapped business trying to survive, into working with the important longer-term more strategic perspectives that will allow them to prosper.

These business leaders know that to get unstuck, it requires clear and hard thinking, real creativity, courage, and personal leadership to generate steady cash flow and a rising cycle of profitability for future success. It can be done!

The Profitability Catalyst fulfills the needs of main street manufacturing owners and leaders in any business stage or situation, but primarily with lower-mid market size companies ($1M-$25M). They are typically private, family, closely-held companies and many of them are in mature industries (any sector) where markets or the company have become stagnant. They need to find new growth strategies to increase profitability, revenue and/or are ready to transition out of their business.

Man-and-Growth-ChartIf you are a like-minded business owner or executive…ready to improve, turnaround, re-structure or grow your business and/or Man and Growth Chartyourself, then consider working with an adviser who believes in an engagement with win-win dynamics and high commitment as a winning formula. No indecisive prospects need apply!

Clients will be most successful with me if they have many of the following characteristics: open to change and realize that if they want different results they need to try new approaches — action oriented — committed to getting things done — good communicators who place a high value on interpersonal relationships. Finally, having or being able to develop the right resources for making it happen.

These are some of the problem scenarios that I have worked with:




Distribution company: negative cash flow, declining profits, NOT growing, current strategy is not working, STUCK! PROFIT ACCELERATOR, POSITION FOR PROFIT: assess, adjust market position, business model, differentiate for more value. – Re-position company to recapture and extend markets for higher revenue, profit and growth.
Electronic manufacturing company: high customer turnover, losing customers, decreasing revenue. The PROFIT SYSTEM: root cause analysis to identify and resolve issues. – Increase customer retention and acquisition, ID trends, avoid brand death.
Metal products company: missing delivery dates, cost of quality too high, inventory out-of-control, poor strategy execution. PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! Get OnStrategy @ the point-of-work, 80% of the effort. – Develop key capabilities and resources that drive performance, more effective management team.
Lubricants company: unprofitable, low productivity, back office problems. The PROFIT SYSTEM, PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! Identify root causes, apply a strategy scorecard. – More effective leadership, price-cost adjustments for higher margins, more efficient operations.
Electronic manufacturing company: management team is not exploiting the potential of the enterprise; they are NOT implementing the VISION! PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! Profiles assessments and training. Educate, guided practice and then walk-the-talk. – Leadership and management are delivering to plan: higher productivity, profit and growth.

Ask me about your situation and we’ll discuss the possibilities…

Main Street Manufacturing, Service and Other Sectors served:

  • Telecom-towerHigh Tech – telecom, components, electronic manufacturing services
  • Industrial – controls, sensors, instruments, capital equipment
  • Chemicals – plastics, paper
  • Health Care – medical devices, services
  • Materials – coal, iron ore, coke, byproducts, scrap, coatings, etc.
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Cold-Roll-Steel-150x150Metal products – machining, castings, steel, foundry, tooling, pumps, valves, gears
  • Professional services
  • Transportation
  • Many more…

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