How I work

Expected Results, Guiding Beliefs and Values, My Approach, My Uniqueness

Getting results!Expected Results: as your adviser, you expect to increase your profits, return-on-assets and free cash flow. My goal is always to achieve over 100% more profits, growth will follow. I provide guidance to help manage financial assets and liabilities efficiently and reduce risks while acting as a sounding board for new policies, strategies and innovation.

Basically, all my exchanges with my clients are framed in the context of their big-picture goals, strategies and actions to achieve the desired outcomes for the long-term success of their business. I can help you create the true leadership strategies for your company’s lifetime.

I engage with clients in a number of ways:

  • Longer-term profitability advisory engagements that revolve around my game-changing business support programs; where goals and change are more challenging.
  • Shorter-term projects.
  • Executive coaching and mentoring.

Each engagement is carefully tailored to each client’s particular needs and requires a general recommendation that is agreed to by both parties.

I have happily worked with very large companies as well as early-stage and start-up organizations. But my typical engagements are with small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies that have experienced stalled growth, and whose senior leadership team has committed to doing something about it.

Working together for profitable results!Guiding Beliefs and Values: My worldview is that the future is shaped by people, because all economic results are a function of human behavior – action and interaction – and it starts with leadership and a strategy along with the belief in honesty and respect for all individuals. Change the behavior and you change the results!

What do people actually do? What is reality versus what we want or what we think is happening?

It is only when we graduate from the unknown, being stuck, formulas (think MLM-Amway) and should be to pattern recognition and reality that we are able to see things for what they really are. Is it an endless maze of smoke and mirrors or something authentic and relevant?

The road is filled with half-truths and good intentions – you have to discern between what is real and what is not! So, if you are drowning in business information (marketing, operations, quality, etc.), poor productivity and lousy financial results, but searching for expert, but practical knowledge and wisdom…CONTACT ME…and let’s have a conversation! The bottom line is, my clients want to make things work right NOW!

getting explosive resultsMy Approach: Typically, the owner does not know where to start. Are we solving the correct problem? Are the true root causes known? What is the best progression to solve the problem? I start with some invigorating conversations so that we can identify the issues and discuss profitable growth options. Then you can make a high ROI decision. My advisory strategy revolves around all or any of these particular points:

  • Doing a reality check on the business and determining the challenges – find the needs, barriers, gaps and most value-added activities.
  • Co-creating the true market and organizational leadership strategies for long-term business growth and the client’s personal success.
  • Provide education and guided practice to grow the business via a company’s unique position-for-profit strategies and profitability roadmap.
  • Develop an exit strategy or position-for-transition as needed.

I absolutely don’t want to waste time, energy or money in recommendations that people don’t want or need. So it is critical that we discuss the right issues, make the necessary arguments and recommendations for approval and moving forward. Typically, there are a whole series of issues to zero-in on, but the idea is to educate, provide guided practice and then walk-the-talk. We prioritize and encourage taking low-risk actions that can lead to high-value results. Many times, we can apply a new strategy incrementally, but once in a while we can uncover a strategic thrust to improve a company’s position significantly faster.

As an entrepreneur, I understand that your risks (assumptions) and value are inversely proportional: when you remove risk, you increase value. I’m always asking the key question, “What is the most important uncertainty?” Then I target this early. My golden engagement principles are:Business man tightrope balance RISK REWARD

  • Seek to reduce risk before making any significant financial investments or operational commitments; the best entrepreneurs are relentless about managing risks…that’s their core competency. As the risk level of a venture goes down, the value goes up.
  • Limit at risk capital to the cost of design and the prototype…invest in stages…spend a little, learn a lot on a just-in-time basis.
  • Constantly identify risks and finds creative ways to remove them.

The bottom line is that it will be challenging, but fun, as your business comes alive with a sense of accomplishment!

“Success is the difference between having a vision and living it out – cosmetic versus real change. The process and choices result in a shared vision and the development of a dynamic organization.” This is a powerful result!

My Uniqueness: my exclusive research indicates that most businesses don’t have a true leadership strategy. The primary question is: “What is your true leadership Lightbulb in handstrategy for managing the market and organization for profitable growth?

Owners and their businesses are all so different that no single solution (a vision statement, the latest sales guru, lean manufacturing, voice of the customer, etc.) exists, especially if a long-term perspective is needed. It’s not the type of single fad or problem a business has, but the type of business and market the owner is in and their need for integrated solutions. I focus on “what connects all the parts together!

These ideas have guided me to create a distinctive set of models and programs starting with my game-changing business support program, The PROFIT SYSTEM, to help you identify and select simple to multi-faceted profitability strategies that improve your top and bottom lines. It covers 18 sources of profitability to increase profits, return-on-assets and free cash flow. It always starts with a “Reality Check” assessment, PROFIT ACCELERATOR, and contains four deep dive programs.

  • PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! – organizational and  leadership skills development.
  • POSITION FOR PROFIT – market positioning via a robust strategic management and planning process.
  • PRODUCING PROFITS – dives into the complex world of manufacturing where products and profits are actually produced.
  • POSITION FOR TRANSITION – creating a defined exit strategy, a different perspective of business development that has many common elements as the others.

Company leaders can also select from the above areas of concern or more specific projects from my PROFITABLE PROJECTS list. Any of these programs can be separate investments, but are often intertwined and customized. They provide the thought leadership, intellectual capital and manufacturing expertise necessary to help owners do the right thing for themselves and their business.

These programs contain over 150 years of knowledge and wisdom in the form of distinctive successful models and processes. Some of the outcomes are lean systems thinking, creating and differentiating between profitable choices and making better strategic-decisions that can powerfully influence your market position and operational efficiency. In other words, use a leadership strategy process to profitably grow your business.

It takes three things to achieve superior long-term outcomes:

  • Education
  • And guided practice,
  • So you can walk-the-talk.

Then my programs can flow down through your business generating the competitive advantage, compound growth and returns-on-investment that management, investors, lenders and stakeholders focus on. These defined approaches enhance decision-making by improving your organization’s ability to learn, decipher the driving forces and uncertainties, overcome blind spots and develop a more astute peripheral vision. It enables leaders to make doable and decisive choices for profitable growth.

This is the difference between success and failure, having a clear set of integrated and valuable choices to win in the marketplace relative to the competition. By helping organizations create or exploit their advantages of lower costs or specialization-differentiation to increase margins, they are more likely to be successful and can play-to-win.

Clear strategy and leadership solutionsTogether, we build your unique profitability roadmap with the dual objectives of increasing short-term profits and long-term growth. My experience has encompassed all aspects of the business life cycle, but especially those in mature industries defined by market saturation, stagnation, price wars and shrinking margins.

They represent the largest segment of the business population and include most of the major types of businesses, from industrial and high tech manufacturing (discrete and process) to service industries. As a result, many clients have realized over 100% profit increases, achieved positive cash flow for sustainable growth and are now pursuing new innovative opportunities.

My high-value focused frameworks provide leadership direction for running a dynamic and profitable enterprise by helping clients enhance their capabilities in deciding “Where-to-Play” and “How-to-Win.” So, ask yourself…does Your Company Get “IT”? Getting “IT” means having the capabilities to discover better choices, making economically valuable strategic-decisions and generating the desired performance based on that strategy. Positioning the company for success. Only then can a business grow!

Ultimately, this knowledge, expertise and experience will inspire confidence – a higher capability to grow, take calculated risks and capture the advantages of new opportunities. Your business will come alive with a sense of accomplishment and have the strategic agility to navigate profitably into the future.

Young fashion designer working at studio.Remember, your company is the most valuable asset you have and someday you’ll be looking to cash-out. Every incremental improvement made will bring many times more value and a higher selling price for your company – the really big bucks that allow you to retire!

“The only way you will be truly successful, fulfilled and wealthy in business is to be entrepreneurially active with a product or service you are passionate about.” Ideas activated – selected and put into action – are the “magic formula” for extraordinary wealth.”

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me, my approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to The PROFIT SYSTEM page to learn more.

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