Cleveland and NEO Economic Growth Strategies

Cleveland and NEO Economic Growth Strategies

By John Howard

I have attended several events over the past months and read about the many initiatives that have focused on economic development and business growth in the greater Cleveland metro area, GCMA. The central tenet has been about “how can we increase our regional economic and specifically our downtown activity by building new themed facilities that can draw new business into the area and retain existing businesses because they believe they can grow here.”

Concurrently, we need to entice our educational graduates and other citizens to stay or visit either for business or pleasure. Can we become an economically and pleasurably vibrant region, a popular destination to stay and grow? It is a complex problem with many pathways and perspectives. Currently, the GCMA is developing many different venues for business and retail consumers including business markets (health), casinos, hotels, retail and restaurant complexes, and family entertainment destinations with activity based focuses.

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