Do Your Strategy Sessions Suck?

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Do Your Strategy Sessions Suck?

Strategy sessions are very “intellectual” endeavors and intrinsically capture your attention. However, for the most part, they tend to have very weak processes and outcomes. Typically, and I’ve sat through many of them,  they are out of touch with the reality of their own market. Participation is lacking because the leaders are too controlling, are not provided important information or the participants are afraid to add their two cents because of various organizational fears. They are not allowed to even prepare for the meeting, let alone be active participants. Most PowerPoint presentations are way too long and fail to make fully developed arguments. They have biased conclusions and don’t instigate critical thinking.

This type of environment reduces participation as well the ability to make the right decisions about any number of things. Most of the significant input data is missing (it was never done on a fully researched basis) or has not been brought forward. I’ve typically seen that these meetings end with no major decisions or direction and you get the feeling that top management is not really going to do anything at all. Without a solid strategic planning process, these companies will remain static or die.

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