It’s all about profitable growth!

Why I know how businesses operate…and how they grow.

It's all about profitable growth!

Welcome, my name is John Howard, Founder and Principle Adviser of The Profitability Catalyst. I am an experienced member of the every day chaos – changing priorities, out-of-time, get it shipped, frustrated with management, overloaded with too many crises and interruptions, self-serving sales people – and realities of start-up, growth and Fortune 500 life. But, I’ve come to know that there is always hope!

Now for some of the usual information about me. At the top level, I’m a business strategist, operations executive, corporate consultant and executive coach. For many years, I served as a General Manager and Director of Manufacturing for a number of major corporations such as U.S. Steel, ABL Canada, ADC Telecommunications and played key roles in founding or launching four companies. My duties included all the usual stuff from P&L and international purchasing to manufacturing and overseeing the installation of ERP systems. These cross-functional leadership and management experiences have provided deep practice in the world of growing businesses.

For example, one of my major start-up experiences grew its business into more than 30 countries and five continents winning a Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award, Governor’s Office, State of Ohio and a Weatherhead100 Award for being one of northeast Ohio’s fastest growing companies. Two of the start-ups performed so well and had so much potential they drew the interest of venture capital and transitioned through the merger & acquisition process for over $15M each; one subsequently completed an initial public offering.

I’m an Accredited Executive Associate and Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business; www.businessadviser.com

What I have done

Since launching my own consulting firm several years ago, I have worked closely with scores of infant and mature companies advising them how to turnaround, grow or deal with merger and acquisition situations. In doing so, I’ve helped them respond to rapid change by becoming more flexible, adaptable and profitable learning organizations. My consulting approach helps clients build and develop the proper strategic perspective to influence thinking and behavior as well as resources and capabilities for long-term success.

From these experiences and my exclusive research, I concluded that most businesses don’t have a true leadership strategy. Therefore, I created “The PROFIT SYSTEM”, it is comprised of distinctive profitability frameworks and programs for main street manufacturing businesses from the perspective of leadership, strategic market positioning and producing profits.

Opportunity Knocks Door Opens to New Growth and ChancesThe questions is: “Do you know what your true leadership strategy is for managing your market and organization for profitable growth?” Owners and their businesses are all so different that no single fad or solution (the latest sales guru, lean manufacturing, voice-of-the-customer, etc.) exists, especially if a long-term perspective is needed. It’s not the type of single problem a business has, but the type of business and market the owner is in and their need for integrated solutions. I can help you focus on “what connects all the parts together!

What I have learned

I’ve earned an MBA in Business Systems from Baldwin-Wallace University, a B.S. Degree in Chemistry from The Ohio State University and am an Accredited Executive Associate and Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business International, an over 5000 member worldwide network of consultants.

I have deep grounding in what it takes to lead and manage an efficient and profitable manufacturing business from market positioning to lean operations and everything in between…along with a sure grasp of the human aspects of change management. I am a highly-sought-after sounding board and strategist for companies and senior leadership in a number of industries.

Depositphotos_10015473_s-2015And YES, I’ve got many of the same challenges with my own business, so if it makes sense (if we are a strategic fit for each other), then let’s co-create some choices and solutions to get you to your destination. I’ll bring you ideas, insight and information that are as simple and require as little effort as possible to benefit your business.

It can include topics from leadership — real dramatic change and improvement in any company starts at the top and works its way down, being able to spot the best strategies — down to improving customer relations, better budgeting, anticipating market trends, better and more consistent marketing, quality, delivery and costs. OR perhaps you’ve had a trigger event that has shaken your business to the core. Those needs and choices will depend on how satisfied you are with your current operations, what challenges you want to overcome and how deeply you want to change and solve them to move forward. Success is achieved one decision at a time!

That’s enough about me for now, check out the IS THIS YOU? page for further exploration!

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