The Tragedy of Missing and Unrealized Profits!

Don't run out of profitsThink about this: what happens when you run out of profits – you expose the entire company to the ravages of the status quo or business failure – both are dead ends. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? The vultures start circling in the form of panicking bankers, suppliers and customers leading to layoffs and business downsizing. All of your assets are at RISK! And this is always bad!

WHY does this happen? Because you don’t know how to self-diagnose faults and bad habits – determine the why and the how – and prioritize the best solutions despite tons of available information. You need feedback – what are the checkpoints – from an objective pair of eyes. Once the “DOG” appears your chances of getting even sicker get worse by the month. Your company will start to fight against the lack of profits and so will your accountant…just cost cutting is a losing strategy! You need The PROFIT SYSTEM

profitsMake NO mistake: Industries where there is a high concentration of mature businesses are slowly dying out. All may be at risk. Many are difficult to reach…they don’t want to divulge they are in trouble. Others are dangerous to operate in once you reach them because they are stuck in the past. Some are prohibitively expensive to deal with as technology has left them behind. Several are targeted by other companies for consolidation and cash flow.

“With competitive and manufacturing intelligence, new physical-social technologies and material advancements, companies need to look for fresh areas of innovation to advance.”

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But, if you are reachable, trainable and savable, my immediate focus is to defend your business. I will help you generate the most money with the least expenditure of assets and effort. We’ll do the strategy work necessary to compete – help educate, diagnose, train and plan for growth by looking at:

  • customer/market diversity
  • cost/waste reduction
  • process technology
  • human resources
  • sourcing
  • organizational structure and control
  • production planning
  • facility

The bottom line is that it’s not about selling to get a customer – it’s about getting and keeping a customer to acquire an asset!

Ultimately, we’ll position your business to come alive with a sense of accomplishment so you can navigate profitably into the future.  

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success means profits!Here’s PROOF: Over 25 other ambitious leaders of manufacturing and service companies trust my proven, repeatable Game-Changing Guidance to earn higher short-term profits and ensure long-term profitable growth, while immediately cutting unprofitable assets and money leaks.

I created “The PROFIT SYSTEM”, a business support program over many years. It has evolved from:

  • My corporate experiences: four start-ups – two M&A and one IPO; two Fortune 500 companies and many consulting clients.
  • MBA in Business Systems – strategic management.
  • Application of well-known sales and marketing programs such as Chet Holmes International.

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  • An extraordinary visual leadership framework developed and refined by a highly skilled group of authors and executives led by George M. Hill, businessman and industrial psychologist over several decades. More than 130 companies, over a 15+ year period, have applied this program.
  • Extensive exit strategy training and coaching.
  • Years of training and collaboration with the Institute for Independent Business, a 5000+ person global consulting network based in England. I’m an Executive Associate and Fellow.

The basic framework itself originated from my MBA professor, an international consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor and Gamble. I’ve significantly extended this framework based on my exclusive research and experience in the small- to mid-size manufacturing world over the past 15 years.

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5555The PROFIT SYSTEM – a Business Support Program

TAKE A LOOK: turbo-charge the profitability of your company by boosting effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right) because growth is everything – it multiplies the value!

Growth is never by mere chance. It’s the result of forces working together using our collective intelligence. We’ll apply my high-value focused frameworks and 80/20 diagnostics to co-create your unique profitability roadmapThe PROFIT SYSTEM is all about education, diagnosis and guided practice so you can walk-the-talk, one step at a time! Or choose a more focused game-changing program below…

I’ll help you immediately find those BOLTS OF LIGHTENING for more profitable growth! Ask for my more than 50 different value-added services checklist to make your company extraordinary!a1

Start with a PROFIT ACCELERATOR: a “Reality Check” assessment of your business that finds the barriers and gaps. What is and is not contributing to profits. We’ll identify rapid impact strategies!
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To ascend past tipping points, you need a leadership skills “competitive advantage”, because all economic results are a function of human behavior. This intuitive leadership model (over 150 years of wisdom) provides the “know-how” and the “want-to” right down to the point-of-work; you’ll see what ties it all together. Whether it’s the management team or personal coaching – I’ll help you deliver those “AHA” moments!

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Avoid strategic failure – change strategy to boost results! Your growth starts with strategy work and a strategic plan. We’ll use hindsight, insight and foresight garnered from a remarkable strategic marketing process to reach your objectives: what-to-provide, where-to-play and how-to-win (very rare activities). Is there a dominant strategy to create more customers relative to the market and rivals? DIFFERENTIATION must be REAL – POSITION HAS VALUE!

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Welder man in workPRODUCING PROFITS

Create a winning manufacturing strategy that goes beyond market expectations; realign, make improvements and increase capabilities; determine the winning factory outputs, exploit the six manufacturing levers, advance network levers and outputs. Apply experience curve effects and lean principles to eliminate waste, reduce costs and add value for long-term profits and competitive advantage.

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Time to CASH-OUT – get ready for a rich retirement with a defined exit strategy and plan. Your company is the most valuable asset you have and someday you’ll be looking to cash out. Every incremental improvement for growth and transition will bring more value and a higher sale price for your company – the big bucks that allow you to retire!

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And that’s just for starters – contact me above or below and learn “How-to-WIN” in business today or learn more by going to my About page!

Game-Changing Guidance Diagram only

IMPORTANT – I CAN”T STRESS THIS ENOUGH: I can only work with a limited number of clients (I’m only prepared to take on two new clients per month) because of the personal attention that it requires.

Otherwise, I hate to see you avoid this opportunity and continue to lose $ because you’re not fixing what’s broken. Remember, each revenue level and each part of the business lifecycle requires new strategies and skills. Often times, it’s not where you are, but what could have been! Mediocrity and failure are not an option!



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